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UMAM Taekwondo

Our Philosophy

UMAM Taekwondo is committed to building and fostering mental, physical & spiritual growth and awareness through martial arts training. Chun Kuhn Taekwondo and other martial arts have been known to build confidence, self-control, attention span, and other values within students. These are characteristics of ancient arts that began thousands of years ago. Our mission at UMAM Taekwondo is to adopt the principles that we have neglected so long in our communities through our martial arts training that is geared specifically for people who desire a greater experience in life through balanced health and fitness.


We are community-driven and focused on helping to develop the high character of our students.

We believe that with self-discipline and self-determination while aligning the Mind, Body & Spirit all things are possible.

“Decide to Commit to Succeed!”

  • Confidence

    Martial Arts are a fantastic way to build confidence in oneself.
  • Strength

    UMAM Taekwondo programs are designed to help you feel better about yourself and build strength.
  • Flexibility

    Increase your quality of life by improving your flexibility with Chun Kuhn Taekwondo

UMAM Taekwondo

Adult Self-Defense Trial Class

TKD Self-Defense is now available for Adults! Special offers are available!

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  • My son, L.R. has been coming to Master EL since July 2019. He has come to like his teacher and his classmates very much. L.R. Is doing wonderful.

    Aurora Parra


  • My kid's confidence and awareness have increased by attending Master Bey’s Taekwando class. He’s great with kids and they love him,

    Yvette Hill-Eshiba


  • Professional family environment and well-disciplined students. I highly recommend UMAM Taekwondo

    Brad Shipp


  • Great experience for my baby. She really enjoyed Master El! He’s a great teacher. I recommend his martial arts school for the kids.

    Rosemary Irving


  • Excellent gym. Great equipment. Super clean and comfortable. An honestly an amazing staff. Super helpful.

    John Giroux